Stylist & Certified Style Coach™

My ultimate mission is to make women look & feel incredible.

Every woman deserves to feel like this. I know first-hand the power of clothes and how they can make you feel.

There is no better feeling than opening your wardrobe to an abundance of powerful, confidence boosting outfits, putting them on and feeling like you can take on the world.

Let’s take the frustration out of not knowing what to wear each day, organise your wardrobe & ultimately your life!

Clothes and fashion have figured hugely in my life, even as a teenager I was an avid follower of fashion. I have worked in a number of well-known high street stores honing my skills, developing my own style. However, I know that I owe my introduction to style to my Mum. I get a great sense of fulfilment from making people feel good about themselves, which made me decide to train to be a Style Coach™.

As a Style Coach my role is to empower, educate and inspire real women, like you, to dress for the life you desire! Through this experience you will find your inner confidence with the power of clothes.

Wearing the right clothes, that you know suit your body shape & style can have a knock-on effect on everything in your life, from relationships to your career.